Saturday, November 29, 2014

Well I thought it was about time for a little change. So I am making new things for my house one piece at a time. No Hurry Here!!! lol so here is a new grocery bag holder I finished up and also still working on the bread box. I just have to figure out what font I want to use for my BREAD BOX on the front.  I didn't make a tutorial on the grocery bag holder although here is a link to one that is basically the same idea. :) They are very easy to make if you sew. 

How to Sew a Hanging Grocery Plastic Baggy Holder in 30 mintues or less. ( I just added the bow to the front :) ) You can even add a label or just about anything. 

Here is how mine turned out!!!! And some other ones I have made in the past. Have fun!!!! 

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