Thursday, November 6, 2014

7 Day Meal Planning Part 2

     I am back to do a follow up on my 7 Day Meal Planning. My goal is to save a few hundred a month on groceries. So far I have planned for 2 weeks at $250.00 on my shopping trip today!!! I spent a big part of my day looking at all the sale ads and matching price. I also printed and cut coupons. ( Use only coupons that are for items in your meal plan, not random ones unless the item ends up being free lol) In that amount I also planned for the kids school lunch. Healthy lunches also! I am very excited now because I am catching on to this a little more. If all goes well like I planned and shopped for , then I will be feeding a family of 6 for $250.00 for 14 days! That would help my family sooooo much and would be amazing for me. :) So here is the pic of my shopping trip and what it will take. I planned for home cooked meals. Including crock pot meals. We will have a pizza night in there also lol. I matched those Stuffed Crust Digiorno's at $5.49 I was pretty excited about that. The pineapples matched with Aldi's $1.29 each. 10lb bag of potatos for $2.99. Red and Granny smith apples $2.29 a 3lb bag. I got 4 bags, I matched them to Save-a-lot sale. Those are a few of my match prices. Seriously if you don't take advantage of the Walmart match price then you should really consider it because you can  help your family save money. :) Some people looked at me like I was a crazy lady although if I am crazy for saving my family money then that is ok my me :) haha! 

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