Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(My beautiful daughter Sierra in the pic above! Guitar Watermelon bowl I made for her High School Graduation!!!)
Kabob Creation 
One of my hobbies is carving watermelons!!! This really isn't the time to be creating watermelon bowls although I have made many many fruit creations. And since this is a new blog I wanted to share them with all of you. Just to show everyone one of my favorite past times. lol. At one time a few years back I made these personalized to sell. Also made them for our own personal parties. Birthdays, graduations, baby showers ect... I will be creating some new ones this coming spring and summer so when that times comes I will be adding tutorials and videos on how too's for these. I get many request local to make them and sorry to have turn down orders. These are real fun to make just can't make a profit on them with the time that goes into them and the amount of costly fruit you have to purchase. So I will teach you all!!!! On that note here are pictures of some of my fruit creations!
My fun Honeydew
And apple Swan Creation! 

Cute basket I made for my daughter Ashley's Birthday Party. The cake in the back ground was made by Martha Wilson. Check out her awesome cakes at this link. :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/ATasteofHeavenCakesandCupcakes/ 
Just a fish fruit bowl
Made for us random lol 
Baseball glove bowl I made for a end of season party! 
Skateboarder fruit bowl I created for a birthday 
Cute penguin fruit bowlI made for a cookout!! 
Baby Shower Fruit Bowl 
Cat in the Hat Fruit Bowl 
Mother's Day
Basket bowl 
Carving Creation I made for a Birthday
Ok so here are a few and hang in there until Watermelon season and I will teach you how to make some of these fun and awesome fruit creations!!! A fun and new way to display your fruit at all your events of the Spring and Summer. I will be posting a fun 4th of July one. And some Fruit baskets with flowers arrangements!

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