Monday, November 3, 2014

Super cute Frozen V.I.P. Pass Tickets


   Less then two months my little Natalie will be turning 6!!!! So excited to celebrate her Birthday with a Frozen party. 
   I will be posting with follow up pics of items that I will be making for her party. I have many ideas and lots of work to do. I think if I start now then I may just get it finished lol. I challenge myself to create her the best Frozen Party I can give her. I have until Dec. 20!!! The first thing I want to share with you all is her Invites!!! So cute V.I.P. passes ...Tickets. I think they turned out well. To create these you just need to find anything template Frozen themed and upload it to your favorite Pic editor. Add your info and (It is just like Warm Hugs) Haha! :P Keep up with this Blog because I will be adding new ideas and some tutorials for Natalies Party!!! 

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