Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Wreath

     It's Fall Ya'll!!!  My yard is covered in many beautiful colors. So pretty. It is Election day and now that you have your vote in it is time to do something fun! lol Time to take down the Halloween decor and up with the Fall Thanksgiving!!! I had some things lying around the house and I got to thinking that I really need a new fall wreath out front. I had a bunch of bright colored artificial flowers given to me by my sister BTW thanks so much!! I knew I would find a use for them sooner or later lol. It does help having a crafty sister also ;) I am very thankful for that! So here is what I found to do with them. I searched many tutorials and Blogs for Fall wreaths. Maybe my tutorial will inspire someone to make one. 
My finished Fall Decoration

Supplies Needed:
Colorful artificial flowers (again thx sis! lol)
Wooden letter for your last name (I found at Walmart)
Sissors and a hot glue gun
And also you need either a twig wreath or a grapevine wreath would also work.
A roll of burlap for the bow and a rusty star these items can all be found at a craft store.
Hobby Lobby, Joanns ect....... 

I purchased these really cute Turkeys and this Owl at my local Dollar General Store.
Get creative and look around. This time of year all stores have cute Fall Decor!
Also you will need a pair of tin snips. 

Lets Get To Work!!!

First you want to snip your flower stems down and just leave a few inches.
Insert them into the wreath where you want them. I lay them all out
and just eyeball where I want them to be. Once you have them all where you want them 
just push the stems down into the wreath. Add a little hot glue to each one to ensure they 
stay into place. Then place your letter and bow where you want it and Hot glue them on. 
There is really no wrong way with this. It is all in what you want it to look like. 

Then hang your wreath on your front door or where ever you want it!!!!!

That is it! I hope you find this helpful and maybe you can make your own decor this year. :) 
Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!!

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