Monday, December 15, 2014

My New Toy

This is a new addition to my crafting toys!! I love it so much. It is a beautiful 1937 Domestic.
I will be doing lots of quilting in my future! :) So excited I had to share it. I have many machines and the machine I do most of my work with is a 1978 PFAFF (the best machine ever made in my opinion!) lol I also have a 1800's Singer for looks. I "Dress maker" display. And a New Singer also a New Brother that just sits in a shelf and collects dust. Yep I like a old machine that can create a perfect stitch and low sound! 
Domestic <3 

PFAFF Hobbymatic 935. It's been my baby ever since I found it. It's perfect,  what I love most about this product is the control and sensitivity of the peddle. It is so quiet!

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