Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to make a Frozen theme Pinata for under $5!!!!

So I promised to post things that I am making for my daughter Natalie's birthday coming up next week. She wants a Frozen party!! So I am going to make a Frozen party for under $60!!!! Yep that is my goal :) 
First thing is first, I just finished her pinata for under $5. (Minus the candy/toys.) 
This was so much fun to make and so very cheap!! I decided I didn't want to pay $25 for one! That is the cost of the Frozen theme. Some were more then that. Craziness I say! So put $20 back into your wallet and make this! 
First you will need these supplies.
  • Box (use the free priority box size 12.25 x 2.75 x 13.375 from your post office) 
  • tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • glitter snow flake
  • printer with color ink
  • 1 pack tissue paper ( I found the blue with snow flake print at Walmart for $1.47 6 sheets)
  • Candy

First close your box up. The priority box will have peel and stick on each end. That will close it up nice and tight. Search online for the picture that you want and print it a 5x7 size. Tape your picture onto the front. 
Next cut a opening into the top corner of the box. This will be the fill hole. 
Next you want to take the 6 sheets of tissue paper out of the pack. Take one sheet and cut into long 4 inches by 24 inch strips. Fold long ways. And then cut on fold side all the way across. Once you do this you want to tape the strips onto your box with fringy side at the top. This will make them fall down a little to give it the effect in the picture. Continue this step until you cover the front, back and all sides. It took one pack of 6 sheets to cover the entire box. 

Here is what the strips will look like when you fold and cut them.  
Once you get it all covered add a border of silver ribbon around the picture to just give it a finished shiny look. I added the glitter snowflake to the top front and ribbon hanging from the bottom. Use a zip tie or cord as a hanger. Then fill it with candy!! That is it. Very cute and inexpensive way to have a Frozen Pinata for less then $5!!!! Give it a try. Kids can help! Natalie loves it. <3 

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